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Bishop Walter giving the Lutheran gown to pastor Arkadiusz. Photo: Meelis Süld

On the 10th of October Bishop Tor B Jørgensen and Bishop Emeritus Walter Jagucki visited the Polish service in Edinburgh – one of the six Polish groups in the LCiGB, and the only one that meets in Scotland. 

The Sunday services in Edinburgh are conducted three times a year by Bishop Emeritus Walter, assisted by pastor Arkadiusz Kilanowski. The ministry in Edinburgh is part of St Matthew’s Polish congregation in Leeds/Bradford. Bishop Emeritus Walter expressed his wish that pastor Arkadiusz would take the responsibility of leading the Polish services in Edinburgh, and gave him as a present a black Lutheran gown with white preaching tabs.

For current LCiGB Bishop Tor B this was his first visit to the Polish service in Edinburgh, he acknowledged the work done, and encouraged pastor Arkadiusz to develop the Polish ministry in Edinburgh and the group to become an independent congregation in the LCiGB.

Bishop Tor B was preaching in Edinburgh about healing, which was the topic of that Sunday in the Polish Lutheran calendar. Listen to the sermon below.

Bishop Tor B and pastor Arkadiusz. Photo: Meelis Süld

Bishops travelling to Edinburgh with VW Camper. Photo: Meelis Süld