Mansfield College, Oxford. Photo: Joanna Penn

We were looking forward with enthusiasm and expectations to hosting an important European LWF (Lutheran World Federation) Church Leadership Consultation in Oxford in September. The preparatory process went on by Zoom, hoping that the impact of the Corona-pandemic would weaken enough to make it possible for around 90 participants to meet at Mansfield College 21-23 of September. But at our last preparatory meeting we had to realize that Corona-situation is too unclear even for arrangements at the end of September. From the Lutheran World Federation this was confirmed by a letter from Ireneusz Lucas, Regional Secretary for Europe.

Both the LCiGB and the Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain (CLC) had looked forward to this consultation being able to introduce the Lutheran presence in Britain and sharing the challenges for both the majority and minority Lutheran Churches in Europe both in a post Corona-period and a soon to come Brexit-reality.

Mansfield College Chapel. Photo: Marcin Pieluzek

Now we will deal with these questions in a minimized virtual version, but we still hope that there will be a chance to welcome LWF-Europe to a similar consultation in 2021.

The focus of the preparatory group has been: “Being church in times of transformation” with a reference text from the New Testament: “For the Spirit of God gave us power, love and self-discipline” (2. Tim 1:7)

We will thank LWF and the staff in Geneva for the great interest they have taken in the situation for the Lutheran presence in GB and we hope that we will be able to host a consultation in 2021 – the year the Lutheran Church in Great Britain will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

+ Tor B Jørgensen