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On 16th April 1961, representatives of four independent English-speaking Lutheran congregations in England met together in the Latvian Lutheran Church Hall in Corby, Northamptonshire and organised themselves into a church body which took the name of ‘The United Lutheran Synod in Great Britain’. The church later changed its name to the Lutheran Church in Great Britain. We are therefore celebrating our Diamond anniversary this year. The main anniversary celebration will take place in Corby the 30th and 31st October this year (see separate announcement).

Three long-serving participants, the Rt. Rev Bishop Walter Jagucki, the Rev Dr Roy Long and Margaret Pickford, serving many years as secretary of the LCiGB Council, have given us a special jubilee gift through the text “Sixty Years of Service” which we with joy and gratitude now publish here on the LCiGB homepage.

In the Foreword, bishop Walter dedicates the text to “all who love, loved and served the church”. Bishop Walter ends the Foreword with an invitation, “If you have observations, corrections, or additions and would like to publish more, please contact the LCiGB website directly.

We think this is a great opportunity for anyone to contribute with adding details, episodes, photos, memories which can help all of us to get a closer and deeper understanding of the 60 years of service. This could also be a thread where questions can be asked, and anyone help with answers – and matters of interest be discussed.

The present Assistant to the Bishop, Meelis Süld, will function as the practical editor of new contributions.

Again: Thanks to the three of you taking this initiative and opening the door of history telling for this 60 years old body of the Lutheran family.

I am looking forward to new stories, comments, questions and discussions about the Lutheran contribution in GB both in the past and into the future while we are devoting ourselves to the road ahead of us according to the gift of God’s grace.

+Tor B Jørgensen

Download the history document in pdf

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