8 May 2020

Student chaplaincy beyond the chapel walls

Revd Sarah Farrow sits with students during an in-person gathering at the International Lutheran Student Centre (ILSC) before the COVID-19 shutdown. Photo: ILSC Voices from the Communion: Revd Sarah Farrow Lutheran World Information (LWI) - “Always questioning,” is how Revd Sarah Farrow describes her Lutheran identity and the students she…
4 May 2020

A Thought for the Times by Revd Dr Roy Long

Photo: Stanley Goh Revd Dr Roy Long is a Pastor Emeritus of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain, born in Nottingham in 1942. He studied theology at Mansfield College, Oxford, and was ordained on Reformation Day in 1970. He has been a pastor in different congregations in LCiGB alongside his…
1 May 2020

A May Day Reflection by Bishop Tor B Jørgensen

Photo: Sør-Hålogaland bispedømme During more than 50 years I have celebrated Workers Day, the first day of May. It is a public holiday in Norway. In many cities and local communities, a parade is part of the celebration. In a small mining village in the northern part of Norway called…

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