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The Lutheran Church in Great Britain Women's Group meets at least twice a year: once in the summer for a day of fellowship and study, and once for a weekend in November for a Retreat.

For more details, please contact Margaret Pickford Womans co-ordinator contact

Women's retreats

Bookings are now being taken for 2019, October 4 - 6 at Launde Abbey, Leicester (see photo below). The cost is £181. Theme: "All God's Creation". Interested parties can contact Tracy Maroske at St Annes 07710104589. A non-refundable deposit of £36.20 will be required to secure your place.




They met at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire in the last weekend of September. The theme was "Bloom where you are planted" led by Pastor Libby Toomsalu.



Photos and texts from the Women's Retreat 2012

 9 - 11 November, 2012 at Willersley Castle, Derbyshire

The recent Lutheran Women’s Retreat, held from November 9th to 11th at Willersley Castle in Derbyshire, was a time for the women of LCiGB to gather for prayer, spiritual refreshment and creative connection. Pastor Libby Toomsalu, who organized the retreat, writes:

“The women of the LCiGB are a gifted group, and the retreat weekend at Willersley Castle gave us an opportunity to use our varied creative gifts as a means of connecting with and responding to God in different ways.

“….. he has filled him with the Spirit of God, 
with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts—“
Exodus 35: 30

Morning Prayer was followed each morning by participants taking part in a variety of prayers stations which provided different ways of listening and responding to God’s word.

Maggie Pickford, Livija Upmailis and Pastor Libby Toomsalu led activity sessions which included embroidery, photography, and other arts and crafts, encouraging us to use the skills we have been gifted with and to learn new skills. The table for our final Communion Service was covered in a beautiful crocheted cloth, made by Elaine Makowski, and filled with items we had made over the weekend.

The retreat weekends provide women from all churches in the LCiGB time to enjoy friendship and worship together in a relaxed and sociable way in beautiful surroundings, and we hope that many more ladies will join us at our next retreat from November 22nd – 24th at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire next year. (Friends from other churches are always welcome to come along as well.) Please contact Annette Higgins for details about booking: (We are also taking bookings for 2014, which will be from November 28th – 30th at Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire).”

Womens Retreat 2010, held at Bawtry Hall in November 2010

Elaine Makowski reports:  "The Women’s Retreat 2010 was held at Bawtry Hall near Doncaster and was well attended by 20 Lutheran women from throughout Great Britain.  St. Anne’s was responsible for organizing the event with Pastor  Tumaini Kallaghe presiding over the services.  Therefore Pastor Libby  Toomsalu was given an  opportunity to enjoy the fellowship as a participant, having been the organizer of previous retreats for many years.

 The theme of the retreat was Grace in the context of the book The Hammer of God by Bo Giertz.  The discussion was led by St. Anne’s Lay Minister Sarah Farrow who provided insightful direction and spiritually thought-provoking challenges. 

 The programme was also enriched by  a tour, organized by Tracy Maroske,  of the local churches  where the Pilgrim Fathers originated.   It was a pleasure to be immersed in the architecture and history of a time when people were impassioned to worship as they believed was their God-given right.

The event was truly uplifting for the spiritual content and fellowship.  Thanks be to God."

Women's Meeting 2010

Rosemary Warner reports:  "On 3 July, 16 women met at Marlies Adam's house for a very enjoyable day. It was lovely to see old friends again on this annual occasion. We sat in her beautiful garden in very warm sunshine. Margaret Pickford gave us a potted history of the group, which used to include the different National Churches, a practice we would like to reinstate. After the usual excellent lunch, Bishop Jana gave a talk based on LWF Assembly theme Give us our daily bread. We say this phrase daily as part of the Lord's Prayer, but do we really examine its significance? It was looked at under different headings and considered in conjunction with the two different accounts of creation in Genesis. Different thoughts were drawn together concerning how we see things as Christian women, for others as well as ourselves. What can we do? Do we shop ethically? What about the position of women around the world? Are we prepared to put others first, even at the cost to ourselves?

The presentation provided food for thought. Bishop Jana will take back our points to the LWF.

The afternoon concluded with Marlies' wide range of assorted cakes."

Rosemary Warner
Lay Minister, St Anne's