The Church believes fundamentally in the moral commitment to ensure that all individuals are free from abuse, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs. Safeguarding policy applies to all trustees, staff and volunteers in the LCiGB and has been approved by the board of trustees, i.e. The Council of the LCiGB.

The LCiGB is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all of its staff, members and visitors who access its facilities and services. The Church recognises its responsibility to safeguard in particular the wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults by ensuring that there are appropriate arrangements in place to enable it to discharge its duty to deal with issues concerned with suspected or reported abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

The Council of the LCiGB will ensure that the church’s policy and procedures comply with statutory requirements and regulatory guidance, as well as best practice in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The LCiGB safeguarding arrangements are proportionate and based upon Christian principles and sound common sense.

The LCiGB is committed to a pastoral ministry that respects all adults and children within the church community and to safeguarding and protecting all children and vulnerable adults. 

Our safeguarding documents are published on the page of Resources: LCiGB Policy & Procedure on Safeguarding, Congregational Policy & Procedure, DBS ID Documents List

In case of a concern or a complaint, please contact the Safeguarding Officer Ms Sesulelo Kehle or the Church administration