Who we are?

Here is the overview of our organization and contacts of our Pastors. If you need someone to talk to feel free to contact us. All our clergy work only part time and may not respond immediately. If you need immediate contact make a call to Church of England helplines.

Bishop Tor B. Jørgensen


Photo: Sør-Hålogaland bispedømme

I started to study theology with the purpose of going out as a missionary. After six years of formal theological training, I was ordained minister in the Church of Norway and sent out by the Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS) to Kinki Evangelical Lutheran Church in Japan.

Before my wife, Anne, and I left for Japan we spent the spring-term of 1974 at the Selly Oak Colleges and Queen’s College in Birmingham. This connection with Great Britain has since been of great importance to our family, not least because our eldest son was born here.

After 15 years, spent mostly in Japan, we eventually returned to Norway for good in 1989, where I soon became the Secretary General of NMS, the oldest missionary society in Norway, sending out the first missionaries to South- Africa in 1844. Two of my great grandfathers were among those who later followed in their footsteps, and my mother was actually born in Zululand. So I have mission in my genes!

After ten intensive years visiting churches with NMS-affiliation in South-Africa and Japan, Madagascar, Cameroun, Mali and Ethiopia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Pakistan and, more recently, Brazil and France and certain countries in the Middle East, I was appointed Dean of the Cathedral in Bodø, a regional centre just north of the Arctic Circle, in the diocese of Sør-Hålogaland. We moved to Bodø in January 2000.

Six years later, I was elected and appointed by the Norwegian government, to be the Bishop in the same diocese, consecrated in January 2007 with bishops from the Porvoo Communion participating. Sør-Hålogaland is identical with the county called Nordland, if you look at a map. The population is approximately 250,000, with over 80% signed-up members in the Church of Norway.

In the Church of Norway my period ended by the end of 2015. We moved to my wife’s home-area just north of Oslo, close to Oslo International Airport, where we will still be living while I have to make many trips to Great Britain as I keep up with the responsibilities of being the Bishop.

During my years in a varied service for Jesus in a Lutheran context, one theological phrase has become very important to me, and that is Sola Gratia – By Grace Alone! Receiving God’s grace in Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith and of our hope! That gives me also courage to take on the challenge of being the Bishop of the LCiGB and all its many congregations. So help me God!

Bishops of the LCiGB

  • 2000 – 2009  Walter Jagucki
  • 2009 – 2013   Jāna Jēruma-Grīnberga
  • 2013 – 2014    Walter Jagucki
  • 2014 – 2019    Martin Lind
  • 2019 – …         Tor Berger Jørgensen

Full list of our clergy




Very Revd

Dean emeritus Thomas Bruch


Paul Chong


John Evenson



Sarah Farrow

Student chaplain in Oxford/London


Mark Hardy



Paulina Hławiczka


Rt Revd

Bishop emeritus Walter Jagucki

Polish Congregations in Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh

Rt Revd

Bishop emerita Jana Jeruma-Grinberga

Rt Revd

Bishop Tor B. Jørgensen

Rt Revd

Bishop emeritus Martin Lind

Revd Dr

Roy Long

Revd Dr

James Matarazzo


Magda Mueller


Māris Sants

Nordic Church in Liverpool


Moses Shonga

Swahili Service in London


Wendy Sherer



Meelis Süld



Libby Toomsalu


Jo Jan Vandenheede


Gladys Wu

Very Revd

Dean Elīza Zikmane


Elīza Zikmane

Elīza was ordained in the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad in 2004 and ministered to its congregations in London, Bristol, Wales, Channel Islands and Ireland. She became a member of the LCiGB Vocations Committee in 2010, and from 2014 to 2019 served as Pastor in Charge at St. Anne’s Lutheran Church in London. In 2019 she was elected Dean of LCiGB. Currently she also serves as a part time chaplain in the Church of England.

+371 2517 1989 dean@lutheranchurch.co.uk

Jo Jan Vandenheede

My name is Jo Jan, I was born in Flanders Fields, Belgium, and I have lived, worked and studied in the UK and Ireland. I have a background in Art History and Religious Studies. I was ordained in the LCiGB in 2014 and I ministered in our Liverpool congregation till the summer of 2017. At the moment I am an inactive pastor.

Personal Blog: https://the-flemish-lutheran.webnode.com/

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Currently, I work as the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Anglican Church in Belgium and I take services in Anglican congregations around Belgium.

I am also doing PhD research on Anglican-Lutheran full communion agreements.

Libby Toomsalu

I attended the Estonian Church in Bradford with my mother and father in law soon after my marriage in 1968, but we moved to St. Luke’s shortly after that for my benefit, as the worship there was in English. After undertaking many different roles in the church, I began ordination training with the Northern Ordination Course in 1993, and was ordained in August 1996. I acted as Bishop Walter’s assistant whilst still working as a primary school headteacher as my secular employment.

+44 (0) 7780 997532 pastor_libby@sky.com
Pastor in Leeds

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I became pastor of St. Luke’s small congregation in September 2015. We welcome all people to worship with us, and have members of other denominations  regularly attending our services. My aim is to provide a Lutheran presence in the north of England for anyone who wishes to worship in the Lutheran tradition, and our members come from all over Yorkshire and further afield, as well as students from the Leeds universities as well as other visitors.
Photo: Joseph Nelson

Mark Hardy

Prior to ordination Mark worked within the security industry, from nightclub doorman to consultancy. Obtaining a Masters Degree in Theology and on completion of training at Mirfield [NOC] and Westfield House Cambridge he was ordained in 2004. Mark has served at St Matthews Bradford, Chaplain to Bradford College and University, Trinity Nottingham and St Luke’s Leeds.

+44 (0) 779 552 2229  rev_mark@hotmail.co.uk
Pastor in Leeds.

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Through his love of motorcycles Mark went on to serve as a motorcycle chaplain rising through the ranks to become President of God’s Squad cmc Ridings Chapter. Mark currently serves as Pastor in Charge at St Luke’s Leeds.

Meelis Süld

An Estonian expat, Meelis is known in his home country mostly as a radio journalist specialising in health and religious topics. After completing theological studies he became involved with the Lutheran Church in Great Britain in 2018, and was ordained in September 2021. His three-fold call involves serving St. Anne’s Lutheran Church in London as Assistant Pastor, Assistant to the LCiGB Bishop, and Outreach Coordinator for the Council of Lutheran Churches in GB.

Pastor in London

Photo: Jaan Süld
Photo: Danuta Matloch

Paulina Hławiczka

Pastor Paulina has many roles – pastor, trustee, chaplain, ethicist, activist, and soprano. She cares for two churches: Trinity Leicester-Nottingham (since January 2015), and St Paul’s Corby (since March 2015). Both international and multicultural English-speaking congregations. She is a Trustee of the LCiGB, and a chaplain at the multi-faith student’s chaplaincy at Nottingham University. She is tackling hate crime in connection with Brexit and supporting minority communities by raising multi-ethnicity awareness, providing teaching and cooperating with the Police & Hate Crime Office.

+44 (0) 7707 430 403
Pastor in NottinghamCorby

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She advocates for social & gender justice as a frequent guest on BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC 5 Live, BBC News Channel, speaking on Migration, Church History, Brexit, Ethnic Minorities, Women’s Ministry.

Paulina was born in the mountains of Southern Poland and studied Theology & Ethics at the Christian Theological Academy, and Opera with Acting at the Elsner Opera School, both in Warsaw. She worked for several years as a PA to a Major General and Military Bishop in the Army Chaplaincy of the Polish Ministry of Defence and later at the Polish Ecumenical Council supporting Polish Presidency in the European Union.

Sarah Farrow

Rev’d Sarah Farrow is a Chaplain at the International Lutheran Student Centre, College Chaplain at Mansfield College, Oxford and Lutheran Chaplain at King’s College, London. Sarah holds an MA in Theology (St Augustine’s) and an MSc in Theory and History of International Relations (LSE). Prior to ordination, Sarah worked for over 12 years with Boston University’s London Programs managing their academic programmes and providing academic advising to students.

Student chaplain in Oxford/London

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Sarah is originally from New York and New Jersey but has lived in London with her family for over 15 years. She greatly enjoys working with and getting to know university students and staff from around the world, of all faiths and philosophies. Student Chaplaincy is a large part of her ministry and she hopes to continue building authentic community among students while they face the challenges and changes of university life.

Photo: Jason Grant

Tom Bruch

Tom Bruch was previously Dean of the LCiGB and served several of its congregations over the years, including St Paul’s in Corby, Trinity in Leicester and the London Chinese Lutheran Church.  He held several posts in the Lutheran Council of Great Britain, including Lutheran Student Chaplain and General Secretary.  He retired in 2010 and is now an inactive pastor, though serves as a member of the LCiGB’s Vocations Committee, a trustee of the Council of Lutheran Churches and a trustee of the Anglican-Lutheran Society.


Walter Jagucki

Retired from the Bishop in 2009 and St.Lukes in 2014. I continue serving Lutheran congregations:  St. Matthew Bradford in Leeds and St. Martins in Manchester. Services are in Polish and English. For 30 years I worked in psychiatry as part time Social Worker in Bradford. I am married with two sons and have two grandchildren.

Tel +44 (0) 1132 676360
Mobile +44 (0) 7442 160156
Pastor in Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh – Polish Congregations

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Rt. Revd. Walter Jagucki was ordained in 1964 in Warsaw cathedral, Poland with work placement in Great Britain. Curate for two years in Cambridge serving Polish Lutheran Congregations in Cambridge, High Wycombe, Horsham and Reading.

In 1966 became pastor of Polish Congregations in North England and Scotland. Places of worship: Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.Served from Bradford Church House of St.Matthews congregation. Called to St.Luks Lutheran Church, Leeds in 1976  English parish of LCIGB. Joined LCIGB that year. In 1988 became the third Dean of the Church, and in 2000 consecrated first bishop of LCIGB.

Wendy Sherer

Ordained in 1999 after completing an MDiv at Wartburg Theological Seminary (Dubuque, Iowa), Wendy Sherer served for twelve years in parish and campus ministry before relocating to London in 2011. Here she has expanded professionally with an MA in broadcast journalism, presenting weekly community radio shows and serving both university and hospital chaplaincies (currently working part time at Barts NHS Trust). Her PhD examined portrayals of clergy on British public service broadcasting.

Pastor in London

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Wendy has been a member of St. Anne’s since moving to London: serving on the board of trustees, participating in music and knitting ministries, and preaching/presiding regularly as needed. She took on the role of Interim Senior Pastor in January 2020 and accepted a permanent position in April. Wendy is committed to serving and nurturing St. Anne’s as a lively, diverse and welcoming community with an inquisitive faith and a heart for service.

Emily Weller

Senior Administrator

+44 (0) 7483 385721 

The Revd Meelis Süld

Assistant to the Bishop


The LCiGB Council is the governing body of the church, and consists of the following trustees:

  • Mr Jeffrey Trinklein, Chair
  • The Rt Rev’d Tor Berger Jørgensen, Bishop
  • The Very Rev’d Elīza Zikmane, Dean
  • Ms Sesulelo Kehle, Secretary & Safeguarding Officer
  • Mr Rakesh Patel, Treasurer
  • The Rev’d Paulina Hławiczka
  • The Rev’d Meelis Süld
  • Mrs Anita Gajdacz (Co-opted)


The Annual Synod of the LCiGB is a meeting of congregations or persons that have been duly approved, elected or appointed and are entitled to vote at the meeting. The members of the Synod are:

  • Congregations of the LCiGB

  • All ordained pastors who have been approved by the LCiGB

  • The board of trustees of the LCiGB

  • Other individuals who have been nominated by synod and approved by the board

The Annual Synod consists of two parts: the Annual General Meeting and the Church session. An annual general meeting must be held each year, members of the Synod will:

  • Elect trustees

  • Receive the trustees’ annual report and the audited or examined accounts

  • Appoint an auditor or examiner or authorise the board to do so

  • Authorise the trustees to fix the remuneration of the auditor

  • Approve amendments to the Memorandum or Articles of Association

  • Vote on duly submitted resolutions

  • Advise the trustees

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StudentsWomen ministries

Photo: LWF/A. Danielsson


Chaplaincy at Mansfield College in Oxford, King’s College in London, and International Lutheran Student Centre in London. Revd Sarah Farrow. E-mail: chaplain@lutheran.org.uk

www.mansfield.ox.ac.uk www.kcl.ac.uk

Chaplaincy & Faith Support at University of Nottingham. A29 Portland Building. Revd Paulina Hławiczka. E-mail: paulina.hlawiczka@lutheranchurch.co.uk. Phone: +44 (0) 7707 430 403

nottingham.ac.ukLutheran chaplaincy at the University of Birmingham. St Francis Hall. Revd John Evenson. Phone: +44 (0) 794 150 1210

LGBT Spirituality group at the University of Birmingham. St Francis Hall. Revd Māris Sants.  E-mail: marissants@gmail.com. Phone +44 (0) 7535 384854


Women ministries

The Lutheran Church in Great Britain Women’s Group.

Women’s retreats

Meetings in 2019


October 4 – 6 at Launde Abbey, Leicester. Theme: “All God’s Creation”.

Meetings in 2018


They met at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire in the last weekend of September. The theme was “Bloom where you are planted” led by Pastor Libby Toomsalu.


Meetings in 2012

Photos and texts from the Women’s Retreat 2012

 9 – 11 November, 2012 at Willersley Castle, Derbyshire

The recent Lutheran Women’s Retreat, held from November 9th to 11th at Willersley Castle in Derbyshire, was a time for the women of LCiGB to gather for prayer, spiritual refreshment and creative connection. Pastor Libby Toomsalu, who organized the retreat, writes:

“The women of the LCiGB are a gifted group, and the retreat weekend at Willersley Castle gave us an opportunity to use our varied creative gifts as a means of connecting with and responding to God in different ways.

“….. he has filled him with the Spirit of God,
with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts—“
Exodus 35: 30

Morning Prayer was followed each morning by participants taking part in a variety of prayers stations which provided different ways of listening and responding to God’s word.

Maggie Pickford, Livija Upmailis and Pastor Libby Toomsalu led activity sessions which included embroidery, photography, and other arts and crafts, encouraging us to use the skills we have been gifted with and to learn new skills. The table for our final Communion Service was covered in a beautiful crocheted cloth, made by Elaine Makowski, and filled with items we had made over the weekend.

The retreat weekends provide women from all churches in the LCiGB time to enjoy friendship and worship together in a relaxed and sociable way in beautiful surroundings, and we hope that many more ladies will join us at our next retreat from November 22nd – 24th at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire next year. (Friends from other churches are always welcome to come along as well.) Please contact Annette Higgins for details about booking: anntthhggns@sky.com (We are also taking bookings for 2014, which will be from November 28th – 30th at Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire).”

Meetings in 2010

Womens Retreat 2010, held at Bawtry Hall in November 2010

Elaine Makowski reports:  “The Women’s Retreat 2010 was held at Bawtry Hall near Doncaster and was well attended by 20 Lutheran women from throughout Great Britain.  St. Anne’s was responsible for organizing the event with Pastor  Tumaini Kallaghe presiding over the services.  Therefore Pastor Libby  Toomsalu was given an  opportunity to enjoy the fellowship as a participant, having been the organizer of previous retreats for many years.

 The theme of the retreat was Grace in the context of the book The Hammer of God by Bo Giertz.  The discussion was led by St. Anne’s Lay Minister Sarah Farrow who provided insightful direction and spiritually thought-provoking challenges.

 The programme was also enriched by  a tour, organized by Tracy Maroske,  of the local churches  where the Pilgrim Fathers originated.   It was a pleasure to be immersed in the architecture and history of a time when people were impassioned to worship as they believed was their God-given right.

The event was truly uplifting for the spiritual content and fellowship.  Thanks be to God.”

Women’s Meeting 2010

Rosemary Warner reports:  “On 3 July, 16 women met at Marlies Adam’s house for a very enjoyable day. It was lovely to see old friends again on this annual occasion. We sat in her beautiful garden in very warm sunshine. Margaret Pickford gave us a potted history of the group, which used to include the different National Churches, a practice we would like to reinstate. After the usual excellent lunch, Bishop Jana gave a talk based on LWF Assembly theme Give us our daily bread. We say this phrase daily as part of the Lord’s Prayer, but do we really examine its significance? It was looked at under different headings and considered in conjunction with the two different accounts of creation in Genesis. Different thoughts were drawn together concerning how we see things as Christian women, for others as well as ourselves. What can we do? Do we shop ethically? What about the position of women around the world? Are we prepared to put others first, even at the cost to ourselves?

The presentation provided food for thought. Bishop Jana will take back our points to the LWF.

The afternoon concluded with Marlies’ wide range of assorted cakes.”

Rosemary Warner
Lay Minister, St Anne’s